A few days ago we played what will be our last major show until my baby comes galavanting into the world. And what a way to go out! We played the legendary Air Canada Centre in Toronto opening for Paramore, total blast (even 6 months pregs). 

Good friend and smashing photographer Jess Baumung (www.jessbaumung.com) came out to shoot some of the memories, and here are a few of the soundcheck, backstage and show shots. 

Here’s a couple more pictures of Beau, myself and our level 1 human we’re building (photos by Jess Baumung, killer photographer and friend http://jessbaumung.com).

To quickly answer a few questions, we’re currently six months along, we won’t find out if it’s a girl or boy until D-day, and neither of us plan on stopping our journeys in music any time soon (in fact, I’ve already got album 3 in the works—two babies next year?). 

One thing is for sure though, this baby will be born with a badass combover. Hopefully have super powers as well.  

Much love from Beau and Lights (and player 3). 

Today we were lucky enough to have an incredibly sweaty lovely day off in the beautiful city of Amsterdam, where its denizens ride bikes and little cars, canals wind between the buildings and the cheese flows like…something that flows a lot. There is a very peaceful feeling about the place putting this spot among my top ten favourite in the world.

Is it cheesy that I bought a Holland shirt? Who cares! I love cheese. And we will be back in Holland next month for more.

Bless you, Dutch!